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Welcome to St Helena Bay.

GPS: 18.026655, -32.760110 - EST. POPULATION: 7900 - FOUNDED IN: 1497

St Helena Bay town forms part of the greater St Helena bay which was named by Vasco Da Gama in 1497 when he landed on its crisp white shores. The town itself is situated on the western shores and is the only place in South Africa where the sun rises and sets over the Ocean. Its name originates from the name of the Mother of Caesar Constantine the Great.

Areas of interest will be the Da Gama monument, tours through the Rock Lobster & Abalone factories as well as enjoyment of the long unending white beaches and pristine surroundings.

Moisture from the Atlantic Ocean in the form of mist burrows inland and is absorbed by all the unique and diverse vegetation.

A visit to the town will be an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

Britannia Bay is an unbelievably beautiful part of the West Coast. The new Shelly Point development has certainly complemented the lush surroundings resulting in a picturesque village set aside the blue seas and blinding white beaches. The development boasts a magical golf course for the enthusiasts and a fully functional restaurant and clubhouse just on the edge of the course.

The bay provides one with freedom and tranquility to partake in many ocean activities as well as viewing the many sea creatures such as seals, dolphins and whales (in season), sea birds and many other marine life forms. For the rock n surf or boat angling enthusiast there are hidden bays and rock shelves that will ensure many a good catch for the day.

The unpolluted white sandy beaches and crystal waters offer the best in holiday making.